New material gets listed several times a week, sometimes every day

>>> After years of kicking around the idea, I'm finally selling my humongous, legendary (in some circles) book collection, gathered for the last 25 or so years. I'm including most of the books that were in my guides to alternative reading material - Outposts and Psychotropedia - plus the majority of things I've collected since then. Lots of this material is rare and collectible.

My library is heavy on the unusual, alternative, radical, independent, challenging, cutting-edge, underground, obscure, and interesting, with surprising dashes of normalcy. Some of what you'll find, either now or in the near future:

+ radical politics, current events, cover-ups, hidden history, exposés, investigative journalism

+ strange religion, mysticism, esoterica, drug literature, reality hacking, paranormal, weird science, alternative health, wild music

+ nonmainstream art and fiction

+ erotic material (fiction, art, comics, nonfic)

+ comics and graphic novels

+ "kook literature," high weirdness, political extremism

+ issues of zines, semipro zines, magazines, newsletters, catalogs

+ some signed books, first editions, antiquarian, super-rare material, and one-of-a-kind items

+ some mainstream stuff: fantasy novels, classic poetry, cocktail culture, etc.

+ books from great but defunct indie presses like Gates of Heck, Masquerade, Juno, Hanuman, Loompanics, Grove, Thunder's Mouth, III, Creation, S.P.I., Down There Press, Black Books

+ books from great indie presses that are still going - Last Gasp, Feral House, Taschen, powerHouse, Seven Stories, Disnfo, Weiser, Autonomedia, AK, Savoy, Headpress, Cleis, See Sharp

There's a whole lot of books for me to sort through and list, and getting them all posted will take me a very long time, so check in often. It'll be a constantly shifting selection from my library as some things sell and others get listed. 

Maddeningly, eBay allows sellers to list only limited amounts of items, increasing the numbers in stages based on sales and whatever other factors go into their algorithms, so I'm working within this constraint, as well as my own.

Buying from my collection directly and immediately helps me to keep doing what I do: digging up documents other want to bury, undeleting the record, writing books, editing anthologies, and paying rent and electricity.



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The initial batch of offerings is up, and I'm adding more continuously, on a daily or near-daily basis.

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